Anonymous said:
I love your blog so much!

oh omg this was unexpected thank you but you should know that I moved :)

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Anonymous said:
Man, it would just be nice if someone with a good URL was actually an active blogger.

okay I agree with you on that but still there is no need to send her an anon hate :) I got the url, that’s the main point

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"good urls are kinda reserved for good blogs" so you had no right to it I'm glad you didn't get it

I didnt say that sentence so using it against me is pointless

and what makes you think I didn’t get it?

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Guys I know that your intensions are not bad but please do not send anon hate to the blog please that’s not how to do it

so please just don’t do it

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Anonymous said:
why are people hating on you??????

Because I wanted a “god damn url” as they put it from someone who was rude and immature about it

so I told tumblr staff that I want the url and she wasn’t using it for 2 years

they suspended her account and now she and her friends hates me a lot because apparently 20 year olds can’t search for their right to have a url

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I disagree with that, but thank you! I don't know why people are being asshats to you but they have no reason because you're fantastic so :|

thank you so much :) if only they did understand that